Kibera Film School graduation 2013

It was my privilege and honour to attend the latest graduation of students from Kibera Film School, on February 2nd.

Slum film school This school, in the heart of Nairobi’s biggest slum, helps young people learn the skills they need to get jobs in the media industry.

Even more crucially, they learn how to tell their own story–the story of Kibera, which is a story usually told by outsiders, or not at all.

Last year I gave a donation of some video equipment and I was delighted to see the students putting it to much more creative use than I ever did.

I’ve also done a few training sessions with the current crop, and I have to say that if these young people get the careers they deserve, the future of Kenyan media is in good hands.

Learn more about Kibera Film School at

(Picture: Joash Mageto)

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3 Responses to Kibera Film School graduation 2013

  1. Anna says:

    Great enterprises begin with tiny steps, a kindly hand…determination…persistence…much like
    a child learning to walk..and before long.. leaping, skipping, shouting for joy with the exuberance of independence…of release…and all that creativity waiting to be tapped. Well done all!

  2. Pamela Collett says:

    Thanks Richard for your enthusiasm and your generosity!

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